CCTV Cameras That Can Detect & Count Faces

We had the pleasure of attending a Hikvision conference at the Castleknock Golf and Country Club earlier this week. Aside from being our main supplier, Hikvision are also the world’s number one manufacturer of security equipment – go them! And they bring us to fancy places like this:

sunset over castleknock golf course

Castleknock Golf and Country Club: Venue for Hikvision Conference

The purpose of the conference was to give us the low down on their latest innovations including cameras that can:

There’s an overview of each of these below – of course if you need more details or just want to talk about your cameras and security systems, drop me a mail or give me a call on 015383333.


Object Counting & Region Entering/Leaving

Hikvision’s latest cameras can count objects (such as people entering or leaving a premises), they can tell if something has been removed (where has that Picasso gone?) and they can track objects as they move around a space (turns out your discount corner was popular!)

There’s a few different ways these work – but essentially it involves having two or more zones mapped on the camera software. The camera can then be set to recognise objects (such as people) and can count and/or track when an object passes through a zone.

object counting cameras

In this example, the user can measure how many people travel between three zones.

The tech behind it involves the camera continually analysing and comparing pictures. It can then establish static objects like walls and doorways, and work out if an object or person has moved across the designated area, or if a priceless painting has been removed from a wall.

This sort of information can give great insights in to your business. You can see where people go and how they interact with your premises.

One user who owns a shopping centre tracks the impact of ads around their property – they use their cameras to work out who saw what ads and how this impacts footfall. Clever stuff.

Another retailer uses this feature to scientifically measure peaks and troughs during the day and allocate staff accordingly – resulting in better service during busy hours and a cost saving when the store is quiet.

Monitoring vehicle flows in car parks, counting products as they enter and leave store rooms, watching staff as they arrive and leave for work – there are many uses to this awesome camera feature.

youths enter a building

In this example the purple box covers the door area, and counts heads as they pass in and out of the purple box.

Face Detection

You may have noticed when taking a photo with your camera phone that it can now work out what are faces within a photo. Hikvision’s cameras can now do this also.

Kids faces detected by camera

They’ve had their readybrek!

It works by picking out several points on the face (at least that’s what this image I nicked off the Internet suggests)

Camera software can work out what a face is once it sees these points.

Camera software can work out what a face is once it sees these points.

This brings another level to camera systems, you’ll be able to capture people’s faces as they enter or leave your premises, if a face passes by you can trigger an alarm, and it can be a back up to access control systems.

We’ll have a few more feature for you next time, but for now, have a think about how these new wave of cameras can help you make your business safer and more efficient – then give us a call on 01 538 3333 or email, and we can discuss your requirements.