CCTV & Security Systems for Business in Ireland

We install quality CCTV cameras and alarms for SME’s in the Dublin area. Read below how we helped restaurants, shops and schools improve their quality of life and security with our cameras.


In restaurants like Dublin’s Chapter One they use CCTV cameras to help their business run a little smoother. When we spoke with the General Manager Martin Corbett we found out that he was frustrated trying to communicate with the head chef.

“Things like guests arriving and leaving, or if a guest popped away from the table for a few minutes were generally not communicated with the kitchen – yet were crucial to providing the Michelin Star experience.”

After a comprehensive consultation process, we created a system where a camera on the front door of the restaurant (the main place the chef wanted to see) is streamed live to an iPad he has with him in the kitchen. The mobile nature of the iPad means that as he walks around the kitchen he can bring it with him and ensure he knows who is in his restaurant, and where they are.

We have installed similar systems in other eateries like Etto and Kanoodle.

martin-corbett - cctv cameras

“ really helped us better manage the arrival of our guests. Top quality install and service.”

Martin Corbett, MD, Chapter One Restaurant

headfort education cctv cameras

“The cameras help me to keep an eye on the school grounds and to make students and staff feel more secure.”

Dermot Dix, Headmaster, Headfort School


We have installed systems at Loreto College in Bray and Headfort School in Kells.

Having a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras has internal and external benefits – you can make sure students are wandering off, and also ensure undesirables are not getting in.

Educational Environments have special requirements in relation to data protection and access to footage. handles this in a secure and transparent way.


The construction sector is a big growth area for us – we provide solutions for Sisk, Gem, Bennett and McKeon Construction.

We can give you access to all your cameras across several sites – imagine a large screen on the wall of your office with cameras showing you progress on each of your projects.

We can also create time lapse videos of your build projects – these are a great way of condensing months worth of work into a short video.

construction cctv cameras

“ 24/7 active monitoring service has recently prevented 3 break-ins saving us a lot of hassle and cost.”

Tomás G. Mac Eoin, McKeon Group

designist cctv cameras

“Thank you for doing such a wonderfully neat job with our security installation.”

Jennie Flynn,


Aside from top quality security cameras, we can help your business monitor blind spots, reduce shrinkage, and remotely view multiple outlets.

Some of our clients have found in-store monitors to be an effective deterrent – others use clever analytical tools like people-counting and heat-mapping to improve their store design.

Our clients in this field include Carroll’s Irish Gifts, Zipyard, and Designist.


Camera’s can play a huge part in making your factory or warehouse a more efficient place. We can help manage stock control, integrations with ERP and delivery systems.

CCTV cameras can also assist you monitor quality control, health and safety issues. If you have an idea that involves cameras, we are the guys who can implement it for you.

factory picture CCTV cameras

“ helped us to manage our production facility to ensure it’s efficiency and safety for our staff.”

David Lalor, Griffinstown Grain

events- CCTV cameras


We cover events across Ireland on a regular basis. We can provide live streaming of your conference or exhibition. Or we can create a time lapse of the footage which can look really cool in videos afterwards.

Whatever your idea is, we can setup and manage cameras on site and greatly improve the impact of your event.

And that’s not all, we are open to doing anything that’s fun and interesting in the world of cameras and streaming. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with a camera expert today.

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