Kanoodle use Camba cams and social media to catch some crims.

Kanoodle is a tasty Thai noodle restaurant on Dublin’s busy Marlborough Street that recently used their Camba.tv security system to catch some vandals. They have a clever logo where the two ‘o’s in their name form two bowls of zero-fat noodles – as you can see in this image from Google Streetview:


Oh wait, that doesn’t show you the herOO:


Last week a couple of lads staggered past the front of their restaurant at 5am. The lads stopped, looked up and down the street, talked to each other, then staggered back to the front of the restaurant.

Their plan was clear, they were hungry and wanted to eat the plastic bowls of noodles in the Kanoodle signage to satisfy their middle-of-the-night munchies. Or they just wanted to rob the sign to complete the collection of stop signs and traffic cones that adorn their bedroom wall.

After guy number one decided he was too short to reach the sign – he then used some nearby sand bags to stand on – still too short. Eventually getting an ucker (what do you call it?) off his friend – he really gets a facefull of noodle:


After five or so minutes they eventually manage to rip the sign down – and take some lighting fixtures along with it.

Paddy and Jamie, owners of Kan–dle were understandably furious. They’d have to sell a lot of bowls of ndles to pay for fixing their store front.

So Paddy went to his Camba.tv console and watched over his footage – sure enough he saw the boys vandalising his property. He then exported the video file and shared it on his Facebook page (which is not something we recommend doing btw).

He asked his followers and friends if they recognised the perpetrators, and after a few hours someone piped up and sent a private message to Paddy with the name of the vandal.


Paddy then contacted the person who was embarrassed at his drunken stupidity and agreed to return the sign and pay for any damages.

Speaking to us Paddy said “Thanks lads, delighted the footage was clear enough to identify the guy. Gone are the old days of grainy pixelated footage on crimeline, we’re in megapixel country now…. or whatever”, meanwhile the un-named vandal said while shaking his fist “and I woulda got away with it if it wasn’t for those nasty kids over at Camba.tv”


A very happy Jamie with the returned sign.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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Defacing signs is never funny.


How immature.


Oh clever.




We got a floater!


I rather like their coffee actually.


Well that’s kind of smart.


Just how I like it.


You’d wanna be trippin’ to think that’s funny.


Totes obvs.


I hear you wont go back.






And a Dublin classic. I wonder where this leads to…

grand canal


If you need some CCTV, call us in Dublin on 01 538 3333 or request a call back from us

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