Monitored CCTV & Security Systems

We use high-quality technology to provide you with the ultimate CCTV & Security systems. Our cameras communicate over IP so you can view them anywhere in the world on any internet connected device.

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installation CCTV & Security systems

CCTV Systems

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses across Ireland that doesn’t have a fit-for-purpose CCTV system, Camba can help you.

You can have a system installed by a professional network engineer that uses HD IP cameras and equipment from Hikvision, the world’s no. 1 supplier.

Whether you’re getting a fresh install or an upgrade you can view the cameras remotely. Camba will make sure the cameras work and keep working on your mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

When you work with Camba, you’re working with a company that’s passionate about finding working solutions to your CCTV needs. Aside from top-quality systems, Camba are experts at installing time-lapse cameras, ‘public sharing’ cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom moving cameras, and night vision cameras.

Uptime Monitoring

We check that your systems stay online. If there is a disruption, you get notified immediately.

maintanance CCTV & Security systems

monitoring CCTV & Security systems

Intruder Monitoring

A licenced monitoring company watches your property to proactively prevents break ins.


You can keep your CCTV & Security systems working at 100% with a maintenance contract. Depending on your budget you can get anything from an annual check up to a 24 hour on-call solution.

maintanance CCTV & Security systems

cloud storage CCTV & Security systems

Cloud Storage

All your footage will be stored in the cloud meaning that it is extra secure and can be easily accessed from anywhere. Furthermore you can store your footage for as long as you require.

Alarms & Access Control

Your whole system will run more smoothly if it’s integrated. Getting your security alarm, fire alarm and access control systems setup with Camba will help make your premises as safe and secure as possible.

access-pad CCTV & Security systems
system upgrades CCTV & Security systems

System Upgrades

You can give your CCTV & Security systems a digital makeover without wasting your previous investment.

You could save time and hassle by modifying your recorder. Get in touch with Camba to discuss your requirements today.

Join the Network

If you are based in Dublin, you can join a network of cameras that operates across the city.

These are exterior cameras that cover key locations around town. In the event that someone tampers with your property and manages to mask their identity, there’s a high chance one of the other cameras in the network will take usable footage.

We can provide this footage to the Gardai on request.

camba-network CCTV & Security systems
Pictured: our current network of cameras across inner city Dublin. Click for larger.

on-ipad CCTV & Security systems

Evidence Retrieval

Traditionally retrieving and supplying CCTV imagery and footage to the Gardai has been time-consuming and costly.

Thankfully those days are over, with Camba you are a few clicks of a button away from sharing pictures or videos files with the Gardai.

Added to this the high quality of the cameras means footage is good enough to identify people and be used in court.


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