Top 8 Ways Cameras Have Changed the World

Here at Camba HQ we spend all day long thinking and talking about cameras. For your convenience we have whittled down a list of well over 10, to the top 8 ways cameras have changed the world:

1. Traffic Cams – Camera technology has improved commute times all over the world. Get yourself a nice fast car and check your local traffic cameras online before departure and you’ll be sure to get there as quickly as possible.                    


2. Dash & Helmet cams – Having a camera mounted to your dashboard or helmet is a great way of avoiding insurance disputes and recording road rage incidents. And capturing crazy footage of meteorites darting across the sky.


3. Spy Cams – Spy cameras are something that almost everyone has wanted to have since they were little children. You don’t have to be an agent with Level 5 security clearance to effectively keep tabs on your home, office, family, co-workers or sexy neighbour. With covert cameras you’ll never miss another important family moment.


4. Camera Phones  Camera phones have rapidly turned us from awkward posers into a species of narcissistic attention whores. Yeay camera phones.


5. Selfie HarmSo many people are dying while trying to that that perfect selfie that we felt obliged to compile this list:

How not to die while taking a selfie

– Keep your wits about you and try to take the picture on steady ground
– Do not under any circumstance pose with loaded guns
– Don’t pose with, or near, dangerous animals
– Don’t take selfies while operating heavy machinery
– Don’t climb electrical pylons or trains
– If you are in a situation where you need to be alert and pay attention, don’t take a selfie


6. Public Safety – But personal cameras can be used for more than sexting and belfies. They are making our cities and towns safer. From tracking criminals to finding the safest bike routes around a city, from getting emergency alerts during a disaster to understanding the spread of dangerous illnesses, phone images are being used by both public officials and private citizens to make our cities safer.


7.  Nature Recording – Cameras have really helped us get close to mother nature. Cameras give an invaluable insight into what animals are in the area, and also keep track of particular species of animals and how they are surviving in the wilderness. For the first time here we capture a horse hunting for humans in his local Tesco.



8.  Pocket Cinematographer  – At this year’s Sundance Film Festival – one of the standout movies was filmed entirely on an iPhone. 



9.  CCTV Camera Systems – And of course, can install HD IP Cameras that can do pretty much all of the above, get in touch to have a chat about your security and camera needs today or check out the rest of our services.